Friday, July 04, 2003

Welcome the new neighbors to the Windy City!
Janet Rausa Fuller beats around the bush in Day laborers demand jobs center:
Having already turned their backs on the city's July 1 deadline to move, day laborers said Thursday they are staying put at a vacant lot in Albany Park and demanded that a permanent center be built for them to gather and solicit work.
Sounds fairly obscure right? Why do day laborers need a vacant lot?
"I need the place," said Jose Luis, a 52-year-old man who withheld his last name. If he and other workers lose the space, he said he would be forced to "go to the streets, go to the corners. And maybe run from the police."

Jessica Aranda of the Latino Union of Chicago, an advocacy group that has taken on the workers' cause, said the hope is to have a permanent site modeled after centers in Los Angeles and New York, where laborers would not only get work on a lottery basis, but also learn English and get educated on labor rights.
The answer is that it is a place where illegal aliens find illegal day jobs.

But not to worry, Oscar Avila reports in the Chicago Tribune that 9 nations ask county to accept ID cards
The consuls general of nine Latin American nations on Wednesday demanded that Cook County adopt a controversial plan to recognize ID cards issued by their governments.
The matricula consular will make the life of citizens from Latin American countries easier and more reasonable," said Alexandre Addor-Neto, the consul general of Brazil in Chicago.

Addor-Neto was joined by the consuls general of Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.
It only makes the life of illegal aliens easier and only in locales that accept this crap as proof of something.
The emissaries are backing a proposal by County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado (D-Chicago) that would accept cards issued by Latin American nations.
But Maldonado, flanked by county law enforcement officials, said opponents are taking a "a very myopic view" toward the cards. He said officers prefer that undocumented immigrants produce cards issued legally rather than phony driver's licenses obtained on the black market.
Actually, I'm sure the general preference is that the illegal aliens not be there in the first place.
"If anything, what we're doing by accepting the matricula consular is enhancing the sense of the security of the citizens of Cook County," Maldonado said.
This guy is full of more crap than a Christmas goose. He must smell votes. I wonder how many holders of a "matricular consular" are also illegally registered to vote?