Sunday, June 29, 2003

Something stinks in Brooklyn
And it's at Democrat party HQ. You likely haven't been keeping up on the Brooklyn judicial scandal, but here it is in a nutshell. It seems that you can't get nominated for a judgeship in Brooklyn without kicking in big bucks to the local party leadership. Well, now the investigation has spread:
Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Clarence Norman, a state assemblyman, may have spent as much as $200,000 of the organization's funds over the last several years on personal expenses, including pricey Brioni suits, designer shoes, hotels and meals, sources told The Post.

Investigator's from Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes' office are now scouring the Kings County Democratic Committee's financial reports - including receipts for American Express bills relating to a card held by Norman and paid with party funds, The Post has learned.

Norman's Brooklyn party financial records have come under scrutiny as an offshoot of the DA's examination of claims that judicial nominations and political endorsements by the Democratic Party leaders within the borough are delivered in exchange for payments.
I'm so surprised!

All this came to light when a mother complained she was being railroaded in a child custody case. It seems she was - the judge had taken a box of $100 (each) cigars and cash to favor the husband. The DA rolled the judge who opened up a can of worms.