Wednesday, July 02, 2003

It's Howie again
Fresh from the Howard the Duck campaign - Statement from Howard Dean on the Worsening Crisis in Liberia:
Dubuque, IA - "Today, the world community looks to the United States for leadership in addressing the worsening crisis in Liberia. One week ago, I called for a foreign policy under which our nation reclaimed its role as the inspirational leader of the world and the beacon of hope and justice in the interests of humankind.
The fat and sugar content of this looks real high. Better watch out for lawsuits.
I said that American military force should be committed only when American security interests are imminently threatened or in the face of imminent humanitarian catastrophe.
"Imminent humanitarian catastrophe" is a succinct description of the whole continent of Africa.
And I argued that, in such cases, we must always strive to act multilaterally not unilaterally.
No grope like a group grope.

More whingeing by following the link, but one has to wonder at Howie's thought processes. It's imperative for the US to try to reverse entropy in Africa, but not to take out a dangerous thug in Iraq. Sure Howie, that's real compelling.