Sunday, March 23, 2003

A target rich environment
(Via Drudge) Dean Goodman of Reuters reports from LA - As Oscars Near, Hollywood Blasts Iraq War:
Hollywood launched a another strike against the Iraqi war on Saturday during a politically charged ceremony that could serve as a prelude for even more fireworks at the Academy Awards the next evening.

In a star-studded luncheon at the Independent Spirit Awards, the arthouse movie industry's version of the Oscars, celebrities blasted President Bush and the American-led war against Iraq.
The inane defending the insane. Zzzzzz.
Most outspoken was documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, the man behind the popular anti-gun expose "Bowling for Columbine," whose title refers to the Colorado high school where two students massacred 13 people in 1999.

"The lesson for the children of Columbine this week is that violence is an accepted means by which to solve a conflict," Moore told the 1,000 attendees gathered under a marquee on Santa Monica Beach ...
I wonder if they had doilies?

And if slug boy was there peddling his bloviations, it wasn't just "target rich", it was the mother lode.