Saturday, March 29, 2003

The British must have infinite patience
Ian Kirby in News of the World - A teenage girl waved at our troops... she was hanged within the hour:
A smiling teenage girl who waved at patrolling British soldiers and accepted a big-hearted squaddie's gift of chocolate was HANGED by agents of Saddam.

The butchers of the dictator's corrupt Ba'ath party had spied on the Muslim youngster from an alleyway in Az Zubayr near Basra.

Battle-hardened troops of the 1st Batallion, The Royal Irish Regiment choked back tears when they later saw her limp beaten body swaying from a lamp-post in the ramshackle south Iraq town held by Allies.

And yesterday their grim-faced commander, Lt Colonel Tim Collins chewed on a cigar and confirmed:

"A teenage girl who waved at my troops was hanged within the hour.
" We came into this area hard and at no little risk. We've had great success in cutting off the Ba'ath Party here.

" Its chief who was Lord God On High in these parts is currently considering his options in a Prisoner of War cage.

" I'd reserved judgment on him?and then I found the knuckleduster in his drawer.

" One of the few good things I can say about the party is that they keep meticulous records.

" We established all the names of local members. We knew they were threatening people co-operating with us, so we paid some of them a visit overnight.

" It's not straightforward but it works. One man found a shot through his kitchen floor helped him remember where his weapon was hidden."
How about some Ba'athists on the lamp posts? That might have a clarifying effect as well.