Tuesday, March 25, 2003

OK by me
New York Stock Exchange Bars Al Jazeera Reporter:
The New York Stock Exchange banned an al Jazeera reporter from its trading floor on Monday, saying it was restricting access to "responsible" networks...
Booting out the Jihadist apologists is just cleaning up the trash. But finding responsible networks may be quite a task. I spotted a CNN "reporter" last night interviewing the brother of one of the captured heliocopter crew and trying to coax him into some sort of antiwar statement. The newsdroid was flummoxed when none was forthcoming. Aside from the palpable bias, any news organization with half a clue knows that you do not publicize personal details of POW's because the Iragi thugs will use that against them.

And speaking of Jihadist apologists:
"We believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the media," Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told Reuters. "It (the ban) would set a bad precedent, merely because of which area of the world they cover."
Still playing the same old tune on their fascist banjos.

You ever notice that the wankers who whine the most about the 1st Amendment always ignore the first 5 words?