Monday, March 24, 2003

Ruh Oh!
'Huge' Suspected Chemical Weapons Plant Found in Iraq
The chemical plant is described as a "100-acre complex," surrounded by an electrical fence. The plant was also apparently camouflaged to avoid aerial photos being taken.

It is not yet known what chemicals were being produced at the plant.
Black Watch find cruise missiles in huge arms cache at heliport
One Al Harith, a long-range sea-skimming missile which could threaten allied warships in the Gulf, was on a stand awaiting the fitting of its rocket motor. Someone had drawn a shark's face on its warhead. Another was still in its crate in another bunker.

Both weapons had Russian Cyrillic characters stencilled on their sides and were dated 2002. A strict UN arms embargo on Iraq has been enforced since 1991.
Unlike the frenzied press, I'm in favor of giving the new crop of inspectors time to do their work. They have more important fish to fry right now.