Sunday, March 23, 2003

Another clueless loser
Gerald Stone in the Age has a clever plan - Make Bush hear your voice: boycott the Oscars. Hmm, I was planning to. Tell me more.
The US, for all its military might, has a political system that makes it very vulnerable to protest campaigns that target any of its major industries. The entertainment industry is certainly among the most influential of those.

The Academy Awards broadcast is traditionally the most widely watched of all US TV shows. If there was clear evidence of a drop in ratings attributable to anti-war sentiment, it would send a symbolic message to the bosses of the big studios, networks and pop music companies.
Bwahahaha! Go Gerry Go!

Is Gerry allowed to play with sharp objects?

UPDATE: Tim Blair already had fun with this fool when the article first appeared earlier in the week.

UPDATE 2: I don't see Gerry in the crowd of protestors!

Hollyweird gets the finger