Saturday, January 25, 2003

Bobby Mugabe, Weather God
The Telegraph (UK) reveals Now Mugabe takes control of the weather:
Robert Mugabe has already clamped down on the opposition, driven white farmers off their land, bullied the independent media and banned foreign journalists. Now the Zimbabwean leader has turned his paranoiac attention to the weather.

The president's office took control of the forecasting service last week after learning that the drought-affected country is facing two more years of low rainfall.

Mr Mugabe feared that the revelation that no early end to the drought was in sight would heighten discontent at a time when nearly half the country's 13 million people are going hungry. Food riots have already erupted in Harare and Bulawayo this month.

The country's Meteorological Office has now been ordered not to reveal its long-range forecasts before clearing them first with senior presidential aides. They are expected to remove the most negative aspects before authorising their release.

"The government does not want any information on the weather to be leaked," said a Met Office official. "All our forecasts are to be sent to the president's office and only then can they be released."
Bobby has a terrible clue drought himself. If he had been paying attention at wingnut dictator school instead of partying, he would know that all he needs to do is blame it all on the air pollution from industrialized countries and demand more subsidies.