Tuesday, December 10, 2002

What's that you say, sonny?
From Augusta, GA, Brian Neill reports on Boom!:
No doubt you’ve experienced the reverberating thunder at a red light, a pounding sound with the ability to rattle nerves and compound the problems of the day.

Or, maybe you awoke last night to the throbbing, droning bass coming from your apartment complex parking lot.

What began as a fad has now become ingrained in our culture, with debatable societal impacts, depending on whom you ask.

They’re commonly referred to as "boom cars," automobiles stuffed with enough speakers and amplifiers as to be too much sound system for even a large home.

And the trend has left the confines of the teenage set, expanding to include people in their 30s, and possibly older.

People across the country engage in competitions to see whose vehicle sound system is the loudest and most clear. Some competitors have spent thousands of dollars on their car stereos just to be the loudest on the block.
I thought "boom cars" were why rocket propelled grenades were invented.