Wednesday, December 11, 2002

A heart warming UNICEF tale!
The AP reveals what the wacky crew at UNICEF are up to with our tax dollars in UNICEF Calls for Children to Be Heard:
MEXICO CITY (AP) - Children should have more of a voice in deciding how to resolve the problems that affect them, the U.N. Children's Fund said Wednesday in a report.

UNICEF (news - web sites) presented its 2003 State of the World's Children report with an invitation to young people from across Latin America to share their views on topics including education, violence and health and the environment.

Gabriela Azurduy, 13, of Bolivia, urged officials to listen to the children of the world and take their requests seriously.

"We are not the source of problems," she said. "We are the resources you need to resolve them.

The report was launched in Mexico City, with UNICEF officials praising Latin America and Mexico in particular for including children in government programs.
The report was "launched" in Mexico City? An interesting usage. I should have titled this Expense Account Junket Alert! But hang on for the good stuff.
"If we are, in short, to build a world fit for children, we will succeed only if the voices of children and young people are heard - and heeded," UNICEF executive director Carol Bellamy said.
Carol Bellamy, ex-NYC hack politician, says "It's for the children!" Film at 11, I'm sure.
The report found that children "have doubts about the usefulness of voting as a method of improving their lives and do not see government leaders as role models."
Considering the political state of most members of the UN, the tykes are probably right. But somehow, I don't think that's exactly what Carol means.
"To cultivate this good faith involvement, we just cannot wait for the magic age of 18," Bellamy said. "Children must be given the opportunity to participate in the decisions that affect their lives and their futures."
And Carol would really, really like to "help" them formulate their input. After all, she's from the UN - she's here to help! Check out the 136 page report to get the full aroma.