Saturday, December 14, 2002

It just keeps getting better
Anthony Barnett in the Guardian says Foster used past lover to infiltrate the Blair circle:
New details have emerged of how Peter Foster used an American economics professor who had been his lover to wheedle his way into Cherie Blair's inner circle.

The revelations come amid reports that the Australian conman is trying to sell his story to the media and growing evidence that Foster has cynically targeted the Blairs since early this year and was willing to use any contact to get close to them.

The Observer has discovered that Foster used his relationship with ex-girlfriend Leah Marcal to get close to the Prime Minister's wife.

Foster met Marcal - a friend of Cherie's lifestyle guru, Carole Caplin - in the summer of 2001. Marcal, a professor of economics at California State University, was in Fiji advising the island's New Labour Party in the general elections. She and Foster became lovers and Foster donated more than £50,000 to the party. When it emerged that the convicted fraudster had helped to fund New Labour, it became a major political scandal.
If you can't tell the players without a scorecard, the Sun has a compact one and the Observer has a fluffy backgrounder. A quick visit to Google News will provide more reading than one really wants.

I'm afraid this whole thing sounds to me rather like a plot for a Danielle Steel bodice ripper, but then I don't have a life style consultant. In any case, here's a snap of Leah from her website - you can even take quizzes from her Econ 160 course.