Thursday, December 12, 2002

Turned Tables Alert!
Victor Davis Hanson provides A Hypothetical Scenario: What If We Were More Like Them?:
In the meantime, the bestselling The Big Fix was reported to be still on the New York Times bestseller list for the 23rd consecutive week. Americans in droves seemed to be buying the book`s main argument that the French government blew up the Louvre in order to start a war with Libya to obtain its oil.
Meanwhile America`s troubles only seemed to have gotten worse in the Middle East. Recently it was announced that some of the 15 American suicide bombers who attacked the holy shrines at Mecca had, in fact, received indirect financial support from the Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush families. Riyadh was pressing the FBI to be more ``forthcoming`` in its investigations of these supposed money links and rated American cooperation so far as only a "C."
In contrast, a group of Islamic academics recently met at a conference in Cairo entitled "Why do they hate us?" The symposium sought to examine Muslim culpability for the latest outbreak of Western terrorism against Islam.
A well deserved stick applied to the derrieres of the usual whining wussies.