Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Tough Guy Alert!
I don't keep up with the antics of the Hollyweirdos like Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, but the NY Post's Page Six dishes some Robbins dirt in Tim Robbins, whiner on ice:
HOCKEY fanatic Tim Robbins can dish it out on the ice, but he apparently can't take it. Our sources say he bullies management at Chelsea Piers into getting opposing players suspended if they get too rough with him in the hockey rink.
"The management at Chelsea Piers is trying to placate Robbins because he's good for business," says another source. "The fact is, he's just a big whiner who complains to management every time he's touched."
Robbins, a major pacifist when it comes to taking up arms to defend America, has always considered the hockey rink a place to let off steam.

In a testosterone-laden interview with Charlie Rose in 1996, Robbins explained his passion for the blood sport:

"I like crunching people into boards and stuff, but it's legal," he said. "I mean, no one's going to die, you know. In hockey, it's a good, healthy way to get rid of that thing that's in all of us, this violence, you know. We've got it in us."
Robbins even encourages his sons to let it all out in sports. "My boys, they love it," he told Rose. "They love being able to have a legitimate way to express themselves physically, you know, and it's, it's, I think, a healthy thing."
I'm so surprised.

As for Susan, she had one big role.