Monday, August 26, 2002

World Summit Hijinks Alert!
The Independent (SA) has a chuckle with Sex workers show summit pair a trick or two:
The serious business of summitting in Sandton appears to be rendering some delegates vulnerable to the trickery of sex workers, officials said on Monday.
Well, that's one way of describing it.
They said two delegates to the World Summit on Sustainable Development fell prey to some of these service providers at the weekend.

Sex workers somehow stole accreditation cards, which are issued only to delegates, journalists and staff directly involved in the event.

This gave the ladies of leisure access to the Sandton Convention Centre - and delegates who might be in need of some recreation.
And no one could tell them from the rest of the delegates.
Officials said the sex workers apparently befriended two delegates and gave them drugs that caused them to lose their vigilance.
I'm sure they were paragons of vigilance.
"The two delegates were fleeced and lost some valuables in the process."

Officials said the victims should actually regard themselves fortunate to have escaped unharmed.

During the World Conference Against Racism in Durban last year, a delegate died of a drug overdose that was apparently administered by sex workers before they robbed him.

Delegates and others involved in the summit would be well advised to guard their accreditation cards - and their virtue - at all times, officials said.
Likely a tall order.