Saturday, August 31, 2002

Wingnut Alert!
More on the wingnut march at the Earth Summit, in Long live bin Laden:
It is not clear what Osama bin Laden has to do with sustainable development, but there were certainly a number of his supporters in one of the marches on the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg on Saturday.

Muslim protesters under the banner of the Palestinian Solidarity Committee made up a major block at the rear of the civil society march that began at Alexandra Stadium north of the city.

Among the chants of "Free, free Palestine" there were also shouts of "Viva bin Laden" and "Phanzi (down with) George Bush".

One man wore a T-hirt saying "Long live Osama bin Laden".

As the marchers passed a row of black policemen on the outskirts of the Alexandra township one man called out "Viva Osama, comrades. You suffered under apartheid, but you are our brothers".

Said another marcher, Imran Abrahams of Cape Town, "The people love Bin Laden, the poor people of South Africa. He's been deprived of his money, they froze his money, so he can't give to the poor now."

He said Bin Laden was seen as a hero even though the US branded him as a sponsor of terrorism after the September 11 attacks.

"The poor people of South Africa, they actually like America because America's responsible for a lot of atrocities around the world.

"So, when the bombing happened it was a joy to the people. But in the other sense it wasn't Bin Laden that did the bombing."
Typos courtesy of News24. Irrationality courtesy of the marchers.

I wonder if there are any spare daisycutters?