Sunday, August 25, 2002

Share the Wealth!
More of the locals in Johannesburg have gotten into the spirit of the Earth Summit and have started their own "Soak the Rich" programs. Monday's Times (UK) reports that:
Last night it also emerged that in spite of the extra 8,000 police on duty, that a shot had been fired at a Swiss delegate in an attempted robbery in a hotel. It followed the earlier robbery on Saturday night of another delegate in a nearby room.
In the same article, the Times notes that the summit promoters rather overestimated the gate:
As the gloom deepened in the corridors, it seems many delegates are staying away. Although 65,000 delegates had been predictected to turn up, the UN has downgraded its expectations to just 40,000, and by yesterday only 9,000 delegates and journalists had been accredited.
It's still two orders of magnitude too large for any serious business, but of course, it's not serious business.