Thursday, August 29, 2002

It's That Wacky Earth Summit Again

Broccoli Bimbo Alert: one of the PETA "Lettuce Ladies", Lisa Franzetta, will promote vegetarianism on Friday by wearing a lettuce leaf bikini and handing out free vegan sausages, burgers and schnitzels in front of the wingnut Summit in Nasrec. That's a pretty jaded crew, Lisa, the fake leather dominatrix outfit would likely go over better.

BS on a Stick: The Sustainable Development Network, an organization of
African and Asian farmers, and hawkers from across South Africa handed over a "Bullshit Trophy" (yes, that is the trophy's real name) to Greenpeace, the Third World Network and BioWatch for their contribution to the "preservation of poverty" in developing countries.

The trophy comprises of a piece of wood on which two heaps of dried cow-dung - "unfortunately not elephant dung" - are mounted.

Barun Mitra of the Sustainable Development Network (SDN), a coalition of non-governmental organisations which believes, among other things, that sustainable development is attainable only through free trade, officiated at the symbolic handing-over in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

Mitra denounced the three NGOs as parasites which "prey on the blood of the poor" and did not help to improve agricultural productivity in the Third World.

"They are not interested in famine or poverty. This lot is concerned only about their own interests.

"They sit here at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in their rich man's hotels and romanticise everything," he said.
The ecoweenies shouldn't be too upset, both wood and BS are renewable resources. Particularly the latter.

DemoWhine: For reasons that aren't clear, other than they need a junket, the US Summit delegation includes a selection of US Congressmen of the wackiest Democrat variety. Yesterday they put up a predictable whine.
"It's a horrible mistake. This was an opportunity for the president to come here and demonstrate his concern and his commitment on these issues at the same time as pressing his war on terrorism."


Ohio's Dennis Kucinich said: "More than 70 nations have signed on
(to the Kyoto treaty), and it's imperative that our nation, which has 25% of the energy consumption and only 5% of the population, participate in this."
This old saw is really tired. Developed economies use more eneregy, Einstein. It doesn't take much electricity to sit in a hut scratching your hindquarters and swatting flies.