Friday, August 02, 2002

Dissent Stifled Again!
Bill Moyers, left wing poster boy, has been busted for drunk driving:
ARLINGTON, Vt. (AP) - Journalist Bill Moyers was charged with drunken driving after he left a friend's birthday party, but has denied the accusation and vows to fight it.

"I intend to contest the charges," Moyers said in a statement faxed Thursday to the Bennington Banner, which first reported the arrest.

"Not only was I observing the speed limit, but my companions - my wife and two friends - testified they had detected no signs of any problem with my driving, and that I appeared to be in full control of my faculties, as indeed I was."
Yeah, but...
Moyers said he had just left a friend's birthday party about 10 p.m., and admitted to the arresting officer he had drunk a glass of champagne and "a small amount of wine."

According to Trooper Travis Kline, Moyers, who said he was staying at a hotel in Manchester, was stopped after he swerved repeatedly across the centerline of the road and had trouble negotiating a curve.

A roadside breath test showed Moyers' blood-alcohol level at .10. The legal limit is .08. A follow-up test 90 minutes later showed Moyers' blood-alcohol level had dropped to .079, which is within the legal limit.
That's all she wrote, Bill. If I were one of your smarmy pals, I could always call you a white-knuckle drunk. But instead I'll offer advice. Why don't you just tuck it up and pay the fine like any normal citizen? I know, that's for the little people.

Standby for another "chilling effect" brought to you by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.