Sunday, July 28, 2002

Using Toes for Target Practice
The Hindustan Times (India) reveals a clever plan:
For the digerati here's some bad news. The country's Internet service providers - ISPs, the guys who link you up to cyberspace - are toying with the idea of blocking popular Internet sites such as Hotmail, Yahoo and e-Bay. Their gameplan: force these websites to give them a share of revenues. Or else, they'll pull the plug.

The bright idea is the brainchild of the Rajasthan-based ISP, Data Infosys. The company - which shares no pedigree with Infosys - mooted a proposal at a recent meeting of the Internet Service Providers Association of India's (ISPAI's) executive committee, which says: "In order to increase revenue streams ... we should ask them (the portals) to pay if they want traffic on their sites from India."

It seems like a desperate move by the ISPs, which have been losing money steadily.
Don't worry, guys! The check is in the mail.