Sunday, June 02, 2002

Seattle Coffee Party: Seattle "child care advocates" are proposing a tax on expresso drinks to subsidize preschools and child care in Seattle. Of course, the USA has a long history of product specific taxes (remember the Boston tea party?), but I forsee a great future for this kind of taxation. Here's my guide for the benefit of "advocates" and "activists" in all big cities.

First, pick your cause. Something "for the children" or small furry creatures or "the environment" would be perfect to provide the unassailable virtue required.

Second, pick your product. The best is something that the average consumer feels a twinge of guilt about using. An alternate choice is a good or service that can be characterized as the province of the "rich". Be creative like the "advocates" of Seattle. Liquor, tobacco, hotel rooms, and restaurant meals are pretty much tapped out in most areas of the country. Try expresso drinks, donuts, high fat (read fast food) meals, SUV's, jewelry, or whatever your fertile imaginations can provide.

Third, petition the local taxing authority with loud and frequent publicity. Don't worry, you have virtue on your side and vice will surely be taxed (if not defeated).