Friday, June 07, 2002

The Right Way: William Hague has an interesting piece in the Guardian of all places, titled The Right Stuff and subtitled: "Conservatives are winning all over the world. Pity it came too late for me." A teaser:

The right is on the march. On Monday the leaders of the International Democrat Union will meet for their triennial conference in Washington. The IDU is the conservative equivalent of the Socialist International, and the fly on the wall in the White House will see nearly 30 party leaders around George Bush's dining table, many of them recently elected to government.

As the chairman, I will find my mind casting itself back to the same event three years ago: a rather smaller group of fairly grumpy-looking opposition leaders, very grateful that the Christian Democrat mayor of Berlin had decided to give us dinner. A lot has happened in these three years to move this conference from the Rathaus to the White House.

Go for it guys, and besides the Socialist International, don't forget Tony and Bubba's "Third Way".