Saturday, June 08, 2002

News you can't use The busy little drones in the ant farm on the East River have come up with another action packed summit conference. This one is in Rome and is titled

or WFS:fyl in the wacky shorthand used by the cognoscenti. In case you were on the edge of your chair, the bottom line (Spoiler Alert!) is that the United Nations bureaucrats will insist that the developed world (particularly the United States) should have their taxpayers cough up big bucks which the U.N bureaucrats will ensure get to the right hands in various exotic but benighted lands, mostly ruled by tin pot dictators. (Case in point: Robert Mugabe plans to show his mug at the summit after doing his best to destroy food production in Zimbabwe). The developed world (particularly the United States) will do their best to avoid the trap without explicitly telling the U.N. to pound sand. Whiners of all stripes will wring their hands about the selfishness of the taxpayers' representatives.

And if you thought this one was good, stay tuned for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, Aug. 26 - Sept. 4.