Thursday, January 23, 2003

Would you like fries with that?
I completely forgot to mention the dismissal of the lawsuit against McDonald's by some "avoirdupois challenged" customers. But not to worry - Steve took care of it over at Little Tiny Lies. Some highlights:
Today a U.S. District judge in Manhattan blew the minds of practicing attorneys everywhere by handing down an intelligent ruling.
In doing so, Sweet made the blatantly blimpophobic claim that people are somehow responsible for choosing the items that enter the danger zone in front of their faces and get caught in the suction.
Before you start thinking the 80-year-old Judge Sweet is in Ronald's pocket, or that he was responding to death threats from the Hamburglar, let me barf up another quote: "Chicken McNuggets are a McFrankenstein creation of various elements not utilized by the home cook." God, it must be great to be 80 and be able to say whatever you want. It must be a lot like being ME.
Shucks, Steve! We never noticed!