Saturday, January 25, 2003

A tough time for Herr Weasel
The Financial Times reports Backing for Schröder's party slides to historic low:
Support for Germany's ruling Social Democrats dropped to an historic low yesterday in a clear signal to chancellor Gerhard Schröder of popular frustration at the government's broken election promises and perceived drift.

With two important regional elections next month, the German leader had tried to use opposition to war against Iraq at a rally this week to boost his flagging support.

But his ploy, which worked so well in the German elections last September, has failed to impress a public growing impatient for structural changes to revive the economy.
Maybe he could burn down the Bundestag?
A new opinion poll showed backing for the chancellor's SPD had fallen to 25 per cent - the lowest figure in the 26 years the poll has been conducted.

By contrast the survey for ZDF television showed support for the opposition Christian Democrats and its Bavarian sister party the CSU stood at 56 per cent, while the environmentalist Greens scored 10 per cent.
With the Greens' importance rising, expect more wingnuttery.