Saturday, January 25, 2003

No sense of style alert!
The Sunday Times (which has some gosh awful registration scheme) stuns with Bio-war suits found in London mosque:
Detectives investigating a plot by Islamic terrorists to carry out a chemical weapons attack in Britain have found chemical warfare protection suits at a mosque in north London.

The NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) suits were discovered during a raid by 150 police officers on the Finsbury Park mosque last Monday. Informed sources said the discovery confirmed growing fears by police and MI5 that a chemical attack is being planned by supporters of Osama Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda movement in Britain.

Police announced after the raid they had seized a small arsenal of weapons including a stun gun, an imitation firearm and a CS gas canister.

But discovery of the NBC suits has been kept a closely guarded secret known only to a handful of senior officers. Ministers are acutely aware that any suggestion that the mosque may have been involved with chemical weapons could inflame racial tensions.
I don't know about racial tensions, but it sure will heighten good old fashioned regular tensions.

Wait, I know! Why not "the suits were actually the latest in stylish garb for the trendy types who hung about the mosque!" Those cops just don't recognize fancy duds when they see them.