Saturday, January 25, 2003

And speaking of Mr. Inspector
WXXA (TV) in Albany broadcast an interesting report - Outcome of Ritter Sting Case Unusual (items in {} are interviewee quotes):
Police say they caught him trying to meet young girls over the internet...but former U.N. Weapons inspector Scott Ritter never spent a day in jail.

Legal experts say that's unusual...most others accused of similar crimes meet a much different fate.

Jeffrey Johnson serving 7 years in prison...nabbed by police in 1997 for trying to hook up with a 12-year old girl he met on the Internet.

Robert Rodriguez facing up to 15 years behind bars...for a similar crime involving a 14 year old.

Former U.N. Weapons inspector Scott Ritter caught in 2001 for allegedly trying to meet a 16 year old girl he chatted with online.

But Ritter’s a free man...his case adjourned in contemplation of dismissal.
Hey, Scotty is a swell guy! And so concerned! Important too!
{I’ve never heard of an ACOD in a situation like this.} Former federal prosecutor Donald Kinchella says the outcome of Ritter’s case is not the norm...especially since Ritter was also nabbed 3 months before the arrest and got off with just a warning.

{People who do this just don't do it once. There's something there. No police officer or anyone else wants to see someone like this out on the streets where they can have contact with children.}
The sentences for crimes like these can differ greatly...depending on the specifics and whether the case is being prosecuted by the state or the federal government.

The feds generally dole out harsher penalties. They were never involved in Scott Ritter’s case.
Don't look now Scotty, but the AP just reported that Feds Get Sealed Case of Ritter's Arrest:
State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Teresi signed an order Thursday requiring police and Albany County prosecutors to provide records and any evidence to the FBI and the U.S. attorney's office.

Federal authorities filed a motion earlier in the week to obtain the records to determine whether federal laws were violated, the Daily Gazette of Schenectady and the Times Union of Albany reported in Saturday editions.
Yikes! Get out the earplugs before even more whining starts!
Ritter has suggested recent news reports about the arrest were an attempt to silence him. He said the publicity has forced him to cancel a recent trip to Baghdad, where he said he would have offered an alternative to military action.