Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ruh Oh!

3 Wives Greet British Man After Surgery:
LONDON - Some people bring flowers, others bring balloons. When Melvyn Reed's three wives showed up to visit him at the hospital, they brought an unexpected curtain call to his years as a double bigamist.

British police confirmed that after Melvyn Reed woke from his triple bypass heart operation earlier this year, his complicated marital affairs took a turn for a worse. All three of his spouses had turned up at the same time, despite his efforts to stagger their visits.

Media reports say that, upon realizing that something was amiss, the wives held a meeting in the parking lot, and learned that they were all married to the same man.
More details by following the link and in the Telegraph:
Despite the exposure of his triple life, Reed has moved back in with his first wife, in Kettering, Northants.

A neighbour of the couple told yesterday's London Evening Standard: "He used to be away quite a lot. He did used to say he had a property in the North, perhaps in Doncaster. We used to joke that maybe that was where his girlfriend lived.

"Once we saw him leave the house by himself at 9am on Christmas Day. Who leaves their wife first thing in the morning on Christmas Day?"

A neighbour of Reed's second wife, who is now living in Isleworth, west London, said: "Melvyn seemed nice enough, an ordinary bloke in his 50s, balding and with a paunch. Not three wives material, that's for sure."
You've got to admire the guy's energy, not to mention his cash flow.