Saturday, August 13, 2005

He actually came out and said it!

Ace - At Least He's Honest: Lefty George Monbiot Admits Contradiction Between Left-Liberalism and Patriotism:
He doesn't understand, according to the subhead, why he should love his own country (Britain) any more than any other country.

Which is, you know, the whole problem in a nutshell. I've said it ad nauseum, but left-liberals believe their attachment to their country is a thing of pure happenstance, and should not therefore engender any sort of love of country. Global progressives consider themselves global citizens, and their loyalties are not primarily national, but transnational and ideological, a loyalty and affection for a worldwide (anti-nationalist) progressive/socialist solidarity movement and not to any particular country.

Which is their right. But I grow weary of them claiming that I should not question their patriotism. Most are not so forthright to admit this, but they are not patriots, at least as patriotism is conventionally understood.
Of course, the version of this mania that afflicts the developed world is that their country is not merely just unimportant, but always wrong.