Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Never too early to get started!

Doug from Upland has been busy dreaming up JEANINE PIRRO Campaign Commercial - No. 1:
SCENE - Jeanine Pirro's office. She is taking a call.

Pirro: Good morning, may I help you?

Seng: Yes, this is Ng Lap Seng. I would like to contribute to your Senate campaign.

Pirro: That's fine, I'll get you in touch with my campaign finance director. Wait. From where are you calling?

Seng: Macau

Pirro: Macau? Hey, aren't you the international criminal businessman who deals in murder for hire and prostitution and slavery of very young women?

Seng: Why, yes. But what's your problem? That didn't seem to bother you before.

Pirro: What are you talking about?

Seng: When I gave you hundreds of thousands of dollars, made 10 trips to the White House, and posed for pictures with you and your husband. I once sat at your table for dinner.

Pirro: To whom do you think you are speaking?

Seng: I thought I was calling Hillary Clinton. Isn't this Senator Clinton?
"A little water clears us of the deed," eh Hillary?