Sunday, April 10, 2005

Revised career path alert!

An odd twist for an ex-dominatrix:
When Susan Peacher hung up her latex evening gown and wooden paddle for a job with the federal government, the former dominatrix thought she was done with abuse.

She went to work for the Treasury Department in San Francisco, but when she arrived at her new job, she found that one of the office managers was a former client.
And to make a long story short, he was no better than he should be. Only in San Francisco.

But speaking of fancy dress, Roger Simon points to an article by Mike Adams which discusses one of the nation's "educators" who has a web site with a fetching snap of herself and some chums fitted out as terrorists. The picture is small and rather grainy, but there are some obvious oddities in the poseurs' outfits, most particularly that Jihad Jane's head mask doesn't seem to be an ordinary balaclava. Instead, it appears to have a zipper up the center. It's nice to make a career change where you can recycle your old gear.