Monday, April 11, 2005

Keep sending those cards and letters, folks!

Big Bad John:
At half past nine this morning, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will meet to begin considering the nomination of Big Bad John Bolton to be our next ambassador to the United Nations. The mere thought of Bolton being our UN ambassador has driven the Mooron Dems into a frothing rage. They can't stand the thought of an ambassador to the UN who isn't a shill for Kofi and the rest of the Turtle Bay crime family.
I think the Frenchies call that "nostalgie de la boue." The rest of us call it plain nuts.
UNconvinced? Just look at the New York Times' condemnation of Bolton. Its opposition editorial of April 8 said that Bolton was unqualified for the job because, "at a minimum, the United States representative to the United Nations should be a person who believes it is a good idea." UNsurprisingly, this is the principal argument the "Citizens for Global Solutions" organization makes in its anti-Bolton "briefing book" published on its "Stop Bolton" website website. The CGS -- actually the old one-world government whackos operating under a new name -- is, naturally, more crafty and dishonest about it than the Times.
What a hoot - the World Federalists Assocation had a makeover and their old web site (see the top link) now points to an evangelical church in Delaware!
Last week, on Greg Garrison's radio show, I interviewed Mort Halperin (he of Pentagon Papers infamy, now an employee of George Soros), who is leading the hard left's campaign against. He said that President Bush has decided to support the UN and work with Kofi Annan, so Bolton can't be the ambassador because he opposes Bush's policy. Huh?
I don't think ole George is getting full value for his money.

More fun by following the link, but here's the nut and its all about the Republican Senator from Nebraska, Chuck Hagel:
If the Bolton nomination makes it to the Senate floor, he will be confirmed. But because the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has too many wobblies and RINOs, confirmation remains a big "if." That's why the hardest-core lefties are working feverishly on Lincoln Chafee (RINO-Rhode Island) and the ever-wobbly Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. Committee Chairman Dick Lugar of Indiana isn't a tower of strength either. If the vote on Bolton fails in committee, it is possible that Lugar could try to bring the nomination to the floor with a negative vote, but that would face a certain filibuster. Would Bill Frist risk the nuclear option to save Bolton? We may find out.

Hagel will be the determinative vote on Bolton. If he votes in favor, Lugar will be able to report the nomination on a straight party-line vote. (Not counting Chafee, a UN-ophile, who is a lost cause and should be as ignored as Canada's PM, Paul Martin.) Hagel, who aspires to the 2008 presidential nomination, is the subject of the Soros organizations' television ad campaign against Bolton. Countering this, Hagel should hear a simple but forceful message from the President and every other conservative. If you don't back Bolton, your presidential ambitions will be opposed by every one of us with as much money, as many votes, and as much public scorn as we can muster. Should the Bolton vote be a -- shudder -- litmus test for Republican presidential aspirants? Yes, and there will be many more between now and 2008.
Think about it, Chuck. Do you feel lucky?