Friday, February 11, 2005

You mean kids stop picking on Little Harry!

Little Lord Harry Fauntleroy

The Donks apparently have nothing better to do than whine about the Republicans picking on poor little Harry Reid. My favorite part of the RNC missive was where Little Harry was for Social Security reform before he was against it. That sounds familiar!

The Donks are predictably most upset about a reference to Harry's luxury Washington digs. That's because they are always defensive about their perpetual claim to be part of the little people. Hey, that's modern leftism. To hear them tell it, they are just folks, but the reality is they are limousine liberal folks. Anyone spotted Streisand following her own recommendation to hang the wash on a clothesline yet?

But it doesn't mean they aren't trying to act the part. They're even taking lessons!
Ever since the November election, Democrats have known that the hottest V-word is not "veto" or "Viagra," it is "values." Now, as hundreds of the party's elite descend here to select a new chairman and chart a course for the future, Democrats are enlisting a bevy of consultants - church leaders, a marketing guru from Silicon Valley and even a linguist - to redefine themselves and discover a message that will sell at the polls.
So the use of the word "values" or value-laden phrases has proliferated on Capitol Hill these days, spinning out in a new morality play in which everything, from Social Security to the driest spending cuts, is cast in terms of right and wrong. Democrats are freely quoting the Bible, as they did in a recent letter to President Bush. Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, denounced the White House budget this week as "immoral" and had earlier offered up "old-fashioned moral values" in his response to the president's State of the Union address.
In the House, the Democratic leadership last week tapped Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, the son of a minister, to lead a "faith working group" to encourage lawmakers to sprinkle references to God and religion into their speeches.
Can I get a witness?

Update: David Hogberg thoughtfully provides a new logo to help them.