Saturday, February 12, 2005

Eason Jordan Post Mortem

Michelle Malkin (and here), Jeff Jarvis and the Instapundit do all the work, so I get to quote the best lines.

Line of the Day from FR Poster Oldexpat:
It used to be said that you didn't get into arguments with people who bought ink by the barrel, but the Blog is turning into a great equalizer. Now these guys with ink by the barrel better start being accurate ... or they will just drown in their own ink.
Mickey Kaus notes heroes and villains:
It should also be noted that the controversy was kept alive not just by blogs, but by the refusal of a relatively liberal Democrat, Barney Frank, to sweep it under the rug in gentlemanly fashion.
The Anchoress has some sharp criticisms of Kurtz's latest effort and of the David Gergen's strange blame-the-blogs remarks, which I interpret as an attempt to assuage his own guilt that he rallied around "Eason" too late--after he rashly gave Michelle Malkin an honest interview.
But Kurtz has the sex angle (now he tells us!) which removes some of the inexplicability from Jordan's exit. I mean, no wonder Jordan had to go--all the controversy and gossip around him was stealing attention from ... the train wreck of CNN under new chief Jonathan "If It Doesn't Have A Compelling Central Character It Didn't Happen" Klein!
Sex Angle! Howie Kurtz, who was taking such a high road that you could barely smell the septic tank backing up in the valley, came up with:
Several CNN staffers say Jordan was eased out by top executives who had lost patience with both the controversy and the continuing published gossip about Jordan's personal life after a marital breakup.
Kaus thinks Kurtz's version was sanitized. I guess being a wingnut isn't as big a problem at CNN as hanky panky. Or it's more convenient.

Finally, there's a lot more where Eason came from. How about Chris Cramer, a possible Jordan replacement who is president of CNN International? I really like the way he thanks the SAS.