Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Today's Hoot!

I don't watch the network morning shows and the Today Show does not seem to regularly provide transcripts, so all I have seen is this eyewitness account - Katie Couric Trashes Michael Moore! Would Rather Arrange Socks than go out with him!:
In perhaps the most stunning morning news show interview I've ever seen, Katie Couric just got through thoroughly trashing Michael Moore.

She began by criticizing the scenes in Fahrenheit 911 depicting a pre-war Iraq of children peacefully playing and weddings taking place. "Wasn't that misleading?" Moore claimed he only used the footage to show the kinds of people killed by US bombing, not to suggest Saddam's Iraq was a "utopia."

Next, Katie said that "many people say the Dems don't want you to be the face of the party."

"Who said that?" demanded Moore. "Well, Tim Russert for one," answered Katie.

She added: "let's face it, many people think you're a jerk."

An obviously hurt Moore responded: "but you don't think I'm a jerk, do you Katie?"

Katie refused to come to his aid: "well, my views aren't important, it's the views of the Dem party."

"But come on, Katie, you know me."

"I really don't know you very well."

"But, come one, from talking after the shows, etc. You don't think I'm a jerk, do you?"

"I really don't know you well enough to say that."

Finally, in a scene so amazing I could hardly believe my eyes and ears, Moore virtually asked Katie out on a date, and was shot down with a classic co-ed line.

Katie asked Moore if he'd be going back to the convention and Moore said he would, probably tonight and tomorrow. Then Moore added: "will you come with me, Katie?"

A shocked Katie replied: "No," then, incredibly, added: "I HAVE TO RE-ARRANGE MY SOCK DRAWER."
Heck with the transcript - I want some video!