Thursday, September 02, 2004

He's got a problem all right!

The NY Post weighs in on Lurch's visit to the American Legion (mentioned yesterday) - Kerry Before the Legion:
John Kerry has a problem with veterans, to put it mildly, and as the Democratic candidate for president stepped before the American Legion's annual convention in Nashville yesterday the looming question was whether he would acknowledge it — or duck.

He ducked.

Would Kerry raise the subject of his Vietnam medals?

There was not a word.

What about his congressional testimony from 1971? Would he apologize?

He did not.

But he did rub salt into the wound that his candidacy has reopened.
Kerry was coolly received by the vets.

He deserved worse.
But there's a downside, of course:
Not mine unfortunately, someone else's.
Ace, 8/26/04:
The only downside is that we're going to have to hear twenty fucking years of whining over this, just like with Willie Horton.

Salon mag, 9/1/04:
The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth became the latest multimedia incarnation. Launching the most bitter, and perhaps most deliberately misleading Republican-backed campaign attack since the racist Willie Horton ad of 1988...
I can deal with it.

And not to worry, the above link doesn't go to Salon directly so you won't have to fend off the panhandlers at the door and be deloused afterwards.