Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Don we now our tin foil beanies

The Respectable Media Catches Up With Ace of Spades on Paul Krugman:
Finally, someone with Wall Street-cred notices what I've been saying for months-- Princeton Paranoiac Paul Krugman has gone over-the-moon batshit crazy:
New York, N.Y. — New York Times columnist Paul Krugman says he believes the United States needs a "mega-Watergate" scandal to uncover a far-reaching right-wing conspiracy, going back forty years, to gain control of the U.S. government and roll back civil rights.

...Krugman said there is a "complete continuity" between today's politics and the "campaign of slander and innuendo" against Clinton. "There's complete continuity going back, really, I think — but this is my next book — you really need to go back to Goldwater. A lot of this has to do with civil rights, and the people who don't like them."

Krugman described the conspiracy as "the coalition between the malefactors of great wealth and the religious right." He offered no further details about who, precisely, is in the conspiracy but said that "substantial chunks of the media are part of this same movement."


Now, Krugman said, getting rid of George W. Bush is "necessary but not sufficient" to repair the damage done by the right. "The answer, I think, my great hope now, is that we need an enormous unearthing of the scandals that we know have taken place," Krugman said. "We need a mega-Watergate that rocks them back."
Wow. There can be only one possible reaction to such lunatic charges: the immediate recycling and re-posting of old comedy material.

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