Sunday, August 29, 2004

Ole Zack Exley sure gets around

Lowell Ponte's Ruckus at the Republican Convention provides background on the Ruckus Society which is a prime mover for rioting leftist thugs across America, including those expected to show up in NYC this week. And guess who's one of the fun lovers?
Ruckus has become the military academy where dozens of leftwing groups send their elite shock troop protestors to learn the skills of waging guerrilla street warfare against capitalism.

One such leftwing activist is Zack Exley, who was trained by and has worked as a “workshop facilitator” for The Ruckus Society.

Since April 2004 Exley has been the Director of Online Communications and Online Organizing for the John Kerry-John Edwards 2004 presidential campaign organization. Are Senator Kerry (and the Secret Service agents who protect him) aware of Exley’s training with and for this law-breaking violent anarchist group, and of its links to members of domestic terrorist organizations?

Now that FrontPage Magazine has made the public aware of this, when will Senator Kerry (or the Secret Service) demand Mr. Exley’s resignation from the Kerry-Edwards campaign staff?

Can Senator Kerry be trusted to fight terrorism if he knowingly employs as one of his highest campaign staffers an extremist who has been involved with the Ruckus Society, whose leader was arrested for alleged activities involved with trying to disrupt the 2000 Republican National Convention, and that has trained radicals planning to disrupt the 2004 Republican National Convention?
Lurch won't mind. For him, it's a trip down memory lane!