Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Still a lying crapsack, eh Mikey?

Rep. Kennedy no fan of Michael Moore film ad:
Rep. Mark Kennedy, a Republican, is a little annoyed at leftist film maker Michael Moore after an edited version of an interview between the two appeared in the trailer for Moore's upcoming U.S. release of the film "Fahrenheit 9/11."

"I was walking back to my office after casting a vote, and all of a sudden some oversized guy puts a mike in my face and a camera in my face," Kennedy said. "He starts asking if I can help him recruit more people from families of members of Congress to participate in the war on terror."

Kennedy said he told Moore that he has two nephews in the military, one who has just been deployed in the Army National Guard. But to Kennedy's annoyance, his response to Moore was cut from the trailer, which was released Thursday. His response was also cut from the film, according to a spokeswoman for the movie.

"The interesting thing is that they used my image, but not my words," Kennedy said. "It's representative of the fact that Michael Moore doesn't always give the whole story, and he's a master of the misleading."
I hear Mikey is going to sue people who label his latest excretion a steaming pile of cow flops. I hope he gave his lawyer a really big retainer. On the other hand, Christopher Hitchens has already delivered the ultimate bitch slap to the pendulous pundit. But the more the merrier, just like Mikey in a donut shop.