Thursday, June 24, 2004

Chilling effect alert!

Democrats Try to Destroy Nader:
Anti-choice Democrats don't want the people to have the option of voting for Ralph Nader. So they're trying to toss him from the ballot.

Jano Cabrera, a spokesman for the national party, said Democrats would start in Arizona with a challenge to the validity of thousands of signatures that landed Nader on the ballot.
Stu Rothenberg, editor of Rothenberg Political Report, told the Christian Science Monitor: "I think Nader is scaring the bejeebies out of the Democrats. They have nightmares of 2000 all over again."

Nader noted that the attacks against him had "a lot of mischief potential" because "there are very partisan Democrats" in the Arizona secretary of state's office.

"If this becomes a pattern of harassment in other states, we will ask John Kerry to disown and disapprove of these anti-democratic tactics," said Nader, who still hasn't learned that "democratic" is all too often an antonym for "Democratic."
But wait there's more!
Meanwhile, black Democrats in Congress had a nasty row Tuesday with Nader when he rejected their demands that he quit the race.

"Shouts could be heard from inside the meeting in the basement of the U.S. Capitol with more than a dozen Congressional Black Caucus members, including Nader's voice, in what proved to be a rancorous session. One female shouted, 'You can't win,' to which Nader shot back an inaudible response," AP reported today.
The hapless Nader, who has colluded with Kerry and boasted that he will help defeat President Bush, shrugged off the shouting match as an "exciting exchange" between two anti-Bush forces.
Nader's running mate, Green Party activist Peter Camejo, had condescending words for the black Democrats. He said he was "surprised by their lack of understanding of the growing trend towards independent action. It's a new phenomenon they're confronting."
I should have titled this 'When Wingnuts Fall Out".