Friday, April 30, 2004

It just gets better

Matea Gold in the LA Times - Kerry Escalating Use of War Veteran Status
When Sen. John F. Kerry's advisors indicated recently that his service during the Vietnam War would be central to the campaign's effort to define him, they weren't exaggerating.
In one 24-hour period, he invoked his service:

• To fend off attacks by his Republican rivals;

• As evidence he will fight to expand healthcare;

• As evidence he understands the complicated landscape in Iraq;

• To explain his love of peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches.
By and large, I think it's because he has nothing else to say. But it just sticks in my craw that this preppie does a brief drive-by of Vietnam to pad his resume and play the military medal system for all it's worth; and then he returns home to defame fellow soldiers, hobnob with the North Vietnamese, and then spend a life in politics trying to shutdown support for the military and POW-MIA investigations. George Herbert Walker Bush and Bob Dole were genuine war heroes and they mentioned it less in their entire campaigns than this slug does in 24 hours.