Thursday, April 29, 2004

I know, let's send in some lawyers!

From yesterday's WSJ - War and the Supreme Court: Will the Justices let the President do his job? :
As the Supreme Court weighs the rights of the captured al Qaeda fighters whose cases will be heard today, we hope it won't forget the rights of the rest of us. Namely, Americans have the right to be protected against enemy attack.

This appears to be a more open question than it should be with the current High Court, whose sense of its own importance is such that it just might think it can do a better job of running the war on terror than an elected chief executive.
From the upcoming May 3 Newsweek - Guantanamo: The 'Revolving Door' Sends Terrorists Back Out:
The Bush administration's detention of hundreds of foreign fighters in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, got dissected last week by the Supreme Court, with some justices questioning the government's right to incarcerate aliens indefinitely without judicial review. But the court arguments may have obscured a potentially bigger embarrassment for the Pentagon: some of the more than 100 Gitmo prisoners who have been released have since turned up back in Afghanistan—fighting with Taliban forces against the U.S. military.
Not to worry, they can all go back if the usual complement of leftoid Supremes whine and cry long enough.