Friday, April 30, 2004

I'm feeling nostalgic!

Gnu Hunter points out this gem - N Korea train blast victims died saving leaders' portraits.
Many North Koreans died a "heroic death" after last week's train explosion by running into burning buildings to rescue portraits of leader Kim Jong-il and his father, the North's official media reported yesterday.
Fears of a toilet paper shortage?
"Many people of the county evacuated portraits before searching after their family members or saving their household goods," KCNA said in a report with a Ryongchon dateline.
The KCNA report could not be independently verified.
Ya think?

I really miss the Commies. The world's a poorer place without a consistent flow of stories about the antics of "hero workers" and "humble Socialist toilers". Nowadays you have to be satisfied with the inferior quality products from Cuba, North Korea, and China. But every once in a while they manage to deliver one like the above that brings back the "spirit" of the old days. Here's hoping the fat boy takes up swimming next.