Friday, September 05, 2003

Maybe Federico's just an assist?
(Via The Corner) Joseph Perkins in the San Diego Union-Tribune - Far too generous on immigration:
Federico de Jesus owes Victor David Hanson an apology. De Jesus, a staffer for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, falsely accused Hanson, the distinguished author of the just-published book "Mexifornia," of racism and xenophobia at a recent Capitol Hill briefing.

During his introduction, Hanson, a scholar of ancient Rome and Greece, was aptly described as "a classicist." De Jesus somehow interpreted that to mean that the author had a white "classist" bias against immigrants.

Pelosi's aide, who somehow earned a diploma without being able to make a distinction between a classicist and a classist, got ugly with Hanson and stormed out of the briefing in protest.

His hysterics reveal what kind of not-so-beautiful minds the House's top Democrat has shaping her views on issues.
More from Jerry Kammer at Copley News Service:
Frederico de Jesus, a native of Puerto Rico who handles Hispanic press for Pelosi, apparently thought Hansen had acknowledged a "classist" bias against immigrants, according to congressional staffers and Greg Krikorian, who sponsored the briefing as director of the Center for Immigration Studies.
Jennifer Crider, a spokeswoman for Rep. Pelosi, D-San Francisco, said, "A staffer thought a racially insensitive remark was made. He objected and left the briefing." Crider said de Jesus "spoke for himself," not for Pelosi.

"It was a tirade, and it was an embarrassing show of ignorance," said Krikorian, whose center favors tighter limits on immigration.

Hansen, a Hoover Institution scholar and military historian whose conservative views about the issues underlying Sept. 11 have caught the eye of Washington officials, said the behavior of Pelosi's aide shows how difficult it is to have a dispassionate discussion about immigration.
I think these folks are being charitable. Who uses the word "classist" except the inhabitants of the fever swamps of the left? Hmmm, here's one of Federico's earlier credits:
Right after the speech, in an interview with Layla Wright, producer of Hispanic Radio Network - - de Jesus said: "The importance of this struggle is that when countries united in solidarity they are defending the rights and the dignity of all nations. The best way to fight against war is to do it as Martin Luther King, Ghandi and the people of Vieques have done: with Peace!"

The march was organized by A.N.S.W.E.R., the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and other organizations.
All the usual suspects. Perkins says:
His hysterics reveal what kind of not-so-beautiful minds the House's top Democrat has shaping her views on issues.
I'd say that San Francisco Nancy got caught with her flying monkeys showing.