Thursday, September 04, 2003

The inmates are too busy shopping to run the place
Over at Gweilo Diaries, Conrad has a few choice words:
An imprisoned muderer and pedophile escaped while on a day release from a minimum security facility near Melbourne.

'Murderer', 'pedophile', 'minimum security' and 'day release' are terms one would normally not wish to find in the same sentence.
[The escapee], Trevor Bransgrove, had lunch at a table next to a fireplace at La Porchetta pizza restaurant with his minder, who paid the bill.

The pair then went shopping in Bridge Mall.
You've gotta be shitting me!

The prisoner -- though 'prisoner' hardly seems the appropriate word here -- slipped out the back door of a shop and made his escape.
[A]lmost an hour elapsed as the frantic guard searched the mall before reporting the escape to police.
Police warn that Bransgrove is dangerous and urge people not to approach him.
Which wouldn't be an issue had authorities not taken him to the friggin' Galleria.
More by following the link. I also wonder about the job description of the "minder." I guess it would be something like "Wanted: prison guard with mall shopping skills."