Sunday, August 31, 2003

Crime Wave!
Fan arrested for sleeping through match:
Prosecutors have been urged to drop their 'ludicrous' case against an English soccer fan who fell asleep as his home side lost a Premiership match.

Adrian Carr, 28, an engineering worker from Middlesbrough, in the north of England, had worked an early shift, then downed a few beers before dozing off during Sunday's match with Arsenal.

During the game, which Arsenal won 4-0, Carr fell asleep in the stands - only to be woken by stewards at the end of play, then arrested by police for being drunk in a sporting arena.
More details and a snap in the Evening Gazette:
The Gazette has been flooded with messages of support for the 28-year-old sleepyhead. One fan, sat just feet from Adrian, used his mobile phone to snap this amazing picture of a dozing Adrian soon after Arsenal netted their fourth goal.

"It was keeping us amused as there was nothing worth watching on the pitch!" he said.
Today Mr Carr admitted that Sunday's game was not the first time he had fallen asleep in public.

"When Boro won the First Division title in the 1994/95 season I feel asleep in the last game at Tranmere," he said.

"There was another time when I was coming back from the cricket at Headingley and I got the last bus home from Middlesbrough, I fell asleep and woke up in Dormanstown. I had to walk home.

"Another time I went for a job interview in Nottingham and on the way back I had to change trains in Sheffield, only I fell asleep and woke up in Manchester - so this sort of thing has happened a few times."
The guy's a serial snoozer!

Which reminds me of this beauty - Cyclist to stand trial for 'falling off bike':
An 11-year-old boy in Greece is to stand trial after falling off his bike during a race.

The boy on the eastern Aegean Sea island of Chios has been ordered to stand trial on October 13 for allegedly violating eight articles of the penal code and one traffic violation for falling off his bicycle during an annual race.

The boy - identified only by his first name as Manolis - was taking part in last year's Chios bicycle race when he suddenly fell off his bike. He was not injured in the accident, nor did he cause any injuries to other riders taking part in the race, according to reports.

The island's prosecutor said the boy fell because he was "not driving carefully and with constant rapt attention" and ordered him to appear in juvenile court.
Good thing they nipped this in the bud!