Wednesday, August 13, 2003

The Left devours itself (for dessert)
The Viking Pundit calls attention to the arrival of a pie on the gritty visage of Ralph Nader at a campaign event yesterday. I did a little digging and here's a report with a picture - Ralph Nader Gets Pie In Face At SF Event:
Ralph Nader got a pie in the face at an event today with one of the people running for California governor.

The former Green Party presidential candidate was in San Francisco to endorse Peter Camejo, who's one of six declared Greens running in the recall election.

At the end of a news conference, a man ran into the room, shoved a pie in Nader's face, and ran out.

Nader threw some of the pie at the unidentified man as he took off, but the police didn't catch him.

Later, Camejo said he thought the Democrats were behind the pie throwing.
Anyone seen Howard Dean?