Friday, August 15, 2003

And speaking of the Cruzer
He isn't just a fussy looking fat guy with a funny mustache - read what Lowell Ponte has to say in Bustamante: The Racist in the Race?
Bustamante began attending Fresno State University, where he also failed to graduate but immersed himself in local and student politics, including the racial activism of MEChA, a group whose name is an acronym for "Moviemiento Estudiantil Chicano de AZTLAN," the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan.

"I wasn't the most radical Mechista," says Bustamante nowadays. Perhaps not, but he was a member of MEChA and has refused all requests that he dissociate himself from its values and ideas.

As its critics might argue, to say you were not "the most radical Mechista" is a bit like saying you were not "the most radical Nazi." Just to have been a Nazi, however "moderate," is radical, socialist and evil enough to warrant condemnation.

Like Nazism, MEChA has acquired more than a tinge of racism. In their tactics to advance Latinos and "La Raza," many of its activists have directed racist attacks against not only white-skinned Anglos but also against blacks, Asian-Americans and Jews - in fact, against every non-Latino group.
On February 9, 2001, during a Black History Month speech before 400 members of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Bustamante casually referred to an African-American labor organization as the "Nigger" labor organization, using the evil "N" word and continuing obliviously with his speech for another 10 minutes while up to 100 outraged listeners rose and left the room.

"You don't make a slip like that," said audience member Gwendalyn Bello, "unless it is something you say normally."

"What was troublesome to a lot of people," said San Francisco labor organizer and state president of the A. Phillip Randolph Institute James Bryant, "was that the word came out very naturally."

Perhaps Mr. Bryant did not know that Bustamante had formed his ideas about race as a Mechista.
Well, well. Looks like the Cruzer has a problem.
The "A" in MEChA stands for "Aztlan," their word for the entire southwestern United States from Texas to California and from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, lost in war or sold by Mexico to the U.S. Mechistas aim to reclaim all this land for Mexico in a new reconquista, a "reconquest" like the re-taking of Spain from Moorish Muslims by Roman Catholics that was completed in 1492.
Woohoo! A huge honking big problem.

But here's the best part: (emphasis mine)
With the recall movement against his ally Governor Gray Davis on the verge of success, Bustamante shocked fellow Democrats by proposing that he would allow a statewide vote to recall the Governor - but, by ignoring what the state constitution clearly requires, would forbid any vote to replace Davis.

By this de facto coup d'etat, boasted Bustamante, the Governor's office would become vacant and he as Lt. Governor then would automatically become the new Governor. All that would be needed to guarantee continued Democratic control of this office, said Bustamante, was approval by an obscure, Democrat-dominated panel called the Commission on the Governorship.

Fellow Democrats apparently sat Bustamante down and explained that California was not yet Mexico, that the voters would not accept such an obvious banana republic coup d'etat or his shredding and burning of the constitution in front of their eyes. What he advocated was blatantly illegal, much like Gray Davis' demand that his name be allowed on the ballot of candidates who could succeed him.
Hey, the Cruzer knows what the people really need. Him.