Saturday, August 16, 2003

Breck Boy to declare Presidential candidacy
The AP stuns with Edwards To Formally Announce Presidential Candidacy In Hometown:
ROBBINS, N.C. -- Sen. John Edwards, D-North Carolina, said Friday that he will formally announce his candidacy for president Sept. 16 in Robbins, where he grew up.

"Robbins is a very special place for me," Edwards said. "It's where I grew up. It's home to my family. And it's where I learned the values of hard work, responsibility and fairness that made country this great."
One can't help but ask what the heck he's been doing running around the country this year then. But it's really cool that he's going to hold a kickoff in his humble home town for the little people to flock around his greatness. It would be even cooler if he invited them to his home on Figure Eight Island, "an exclusive, private island off of Wrightsville Beach". From a real estate brochure:
With only 406 other homes on the island and no commercial enterprises allowed, Figure Eight is last bastion of unspoiled island living along the North Carolina coast.

Access to the island is via a security gate crossing the only privately owned bridge on the Intracoastal Waterway.
Ulps, I guess it's not the right spot to invite the little people. Must be great to be a man of the people!