Tuesday, August 12, 2003

How to tell you're getting old
I'm fairly inured to the process by which pop songs of earlier eras get turned into "elevator music" and commercial jingles. Songs from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and countless others have gone through it, losing whatever context they had when they were topping the charts. Well, last night while surfing the satellite TV channels, I witnessed a "homemaker" dancing around dusting a house with a Swiffer to the tune of Devo's "Whip it." The marketeers injunction is to "Swiff it." Indeed.

Speaking of which, one of the virtues of living in the sticks is that the only television reception is via satellite, which means that none of the regular broadcast networks are available. This means that one is completely out of touch with recent "must see" TV trends. As a result, it occurred to me that, although I am familiar with the concept, I have never seen a "reality" TV show. Of course, I would likely be able to say that even if I could tune in the broadcast networks.